• 1 - Rebirth - 7T84:00
  • 7T8 - Sex on fire3:29
  • 7T8 - Rebel Yell5:19
  • Use somebody - 7T80:00
  • When you were young - 7T80:00
  • Machinehead -7T80:00
  • 0:00
  • 0:00
  • 0:00
  • 0:00
7t8: Rebirth

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Welcome To The 7T8 Media Page

The audio tracks you are listening to below are original songs written and recorded by 7T8, Produced by Luke DaSilva, Engineered and Mixed by Luke DaSilva (www.dasilvasounds.com/) & Mastered by Peter Letros (www.wreckhousemastering.com/ )

Also, check out the latest 7T8 videos below from their shows at KOI Fest www.koimusicfestival.com, Big Music Fest www.bigmusicfest.com and the 10th Annual Jammin 4 JD(Juvenile Diabetes) 2014! 

Also, listen to samples of the bands live top 40 cover songs as well below! Some of the acts covered are: Billy Idol, Kings of Leon, The Hip, The Killers, Monstertruck, Foo Fighters and more!!